Language Conservation


It is a fact of our times that many communities across the globe are losing important resources.  This loss affects both the individual communities as well as the global community.  Among the most vital resources being lost are the languages of these communities.  These languages are being replaced by national languages such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  In the wake of this replacement we find a significant decrease in human knowledge, cultural information, history, socio-economic progress, and linguistic understanding. 

Fortunately individuals all over the world are concerned with this loss and have engaged in research that will preserve this information before it is too late.  Others have acted in order to strengthen native communities in their language use and learning.  While it is difficult to say whether this work will have a long-term lasting effect on and in the local communities, it is clear that each step forward is a step in the right direction. is committed to developing and fostering projects that take steps toward language preservation.  We are engaged in urgent and ambitious work to document the endangered languages of the world and to provide community support and outreach.  Both of these outcomes are guided by our mission to create language-based community development projects. 

When a language is strengthened a community is strengthened, individuals are more aware of their own identities and social roles, and possibilities are opened for expression and influence.  Communities are consequently enabled to act appropriately and are empowered to act with confidence and understanding.  Humanity is enriched through the preservation of history, knowledge, and ideas that help to advance our understanding and possibilities.  

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the urgent action needed in response to language endangerment and loss.  This leaves open two fundamental tasks: elevating the awareness of the general public to the needs of indigenous languages and communities of the world, and providing training, action, and support for future generations of linguists and community members.  These can be daunting tasks unless we pool our abilities and develop new ways of preserving languages.       

I invite you to get involved with and to collaborate on helping to preserve the languages across the World.

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