Chris Rogers

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Chris Rogers recieved his PhD in linguistics from the University of Utah and has held posistions teaching in higher education in both California and Utah.  Most recently he has taught as an Visiting Professor at Brigham Young University in the department of Linguistics and English Language.  At the University of Utah he held positions as an Associate Instructor of linguistics and as the interim Director of the Center for American Indian Languages.  In California he held positions as an Adjunct Instructor  of linguistics (SDSU) and Instructor  of English as a Second Language (SDCCD).  He has also been the recipient of the Steffenson-Cannon fellowship at the University of Utah and an NSF Grant in Linguistics.

Chris immensly enjoys linguistic field work and has significant experience with working with native communities in the Americas and beyond.  He has conducted orginal research on Xinkan (Guatemala), Mixteco (Mexico), Wichi' (Argentina), Quechua (Peru), Ninam (Brazil), Makú (Venezuela), North Saami (Finland), and Karen (Myanmar).  He is fluent in both English and Spanish and has proficiency in Italian, German, and Portuguese.  

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Research and Teaching Interests

    • Language Documentation 
    • Linguistic Fieldwork
    • Historical Linguistics
    • Indigenous Languages of the Americas
    • Typology
    • Language Structure
    • Sociolinguistics
    • Field Methods
    • Phonology
    • Language and Culture
    • Language Revitalization
    • Xinkan Languages and Mesoamerica


Current Projects

    • Maku: Grammatical Sketch and Dictionary
    • Xinkan project: grammar
    • Wichí (Matacoan language, Argentina): grammar and dictionary (a practical version for community members and a more technical version for academics) 
    • Ninam (Yanamaman language, Brazil): Dictionary and Grammatical Sketch
    • Quechua: Community materials 
    • Pech: Documentation and Classification


Courses Taught
    • American Indian Languages
    • Language and Culture
    • Linguistic Typology
    • Language Documentation
    • Endangered Languages and Revitalization
    • Linguistic Field Methods
    • Introduction to Historical Linguistics
    • Advanced Historical/Comparative Linguistics
    • Introduction to Theoretical Syntax
    • Introduction to Linguistic Structure
    • Advanced Explorations of Linguistic Structure
    • Introduction to Phonetics
    • Introduction to Phonology
    • Introduction to Linguistics
    • Introduction to Semantics
    • Advanced Morphology
    • Advanced Phonology
    • Advanced Phonetics
    • Introduction to English Grammar
    • Second Language Acquisition
    • Meaning (Semantics and Pragmatics)
    • Xinkan for community members (offered in Spanish in Guatemala)
    • Beginning English as Second Language
    • Intermediate English as a Second Language
    • Community English as a Second Language


Selected Publications

      Xinkan Vowel Harmony

      Xinkan Verb Classes

      Glottalized Consonants

      Quechua Evidentials

      Ninam -n (powerpoint)

      Wichi' nasalization (powerpoint)

      Endangered Languages Bibliography (with Lyle Campbell)

      Xinkan and Lencan (a talk delivered in Leipzig Germany, December 2014)

      Oxford Bibliography on Endangered Languages (with Lyle Campbell)

      Indigenous Authenticity as a Goal of Language Documentation


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