Xinkan is the name of a small language family in southeastern Guatemala.  It is known to have been spoken in at least four towns.  The various languages are named after these four towns: Guazacapan Xinka, Chiquimulilla Xinka, Jumaytepeque Xinka, and Yupiltepeque Xinka.















This project is a continuing effort to create usable materials for the Xinkan community and to provide resources about the language to scholars and the international community.  This project is a continuation of a project began at the Center for American Indian Languages at the University of Utah; has been asked to host the outcomes of this project and the online Moodle classroom designed to teach elementary Xinkan.

Currently, this project is being directed by Dr. Chris Rogers, research affiliate and founder.  This project has developed the Moodle classroom, dictionaries for each Xinkan community, a simple reference grammar (in Spanish), and a more technical and comprehensive grammar (in English).  Ongoing developments include expanding the Moodle classroom, providing access to Xinkan materials in a digital format, and developing applications for technology such as Xinkan language learning apps and video games. 

If you would like more information about this project or would like to volunteer, please contact me.


The outcomes of this project include:


This link leads to a linguistic analysis of one the traditional stories of the Xinkan.  It tells about the birth of Tuuru', one of the cultural heros of the Xinkan.


The following link is to an audio recording of one of the versions of this same story.

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