Language conservation is more than just the recording and archiving of linguistic materials.  There are many communities who hope to strengthen the use of their languages for the youngest generations.  Other communities are interesting in gaining some level of familiarity with a language that is no longer widely spoken in the community.  

In this regard language conservation is different than the conservation of other cultural heritages.  As members of a language community, humans have the ability to step in and alter the future direction of their languages' lives and use. is committed to this application of linguistic preservation and provides a number of learning opportunities to the world.

Language Classes.  These classes are built in the Moodle platform.  The purpose for these courses is to create an online learning environment for language communities which can be tailored to the needs and goals of each community.  

Currently, hosts a moodle classroom focused on learning the basics of Xinkan (a small language family in Guatemala).  This course contains a comprehensive grammar and exercises for learning the language.  The goal for this course is to provide the basics of the grammar of the language to support community language learning programs.  

Have a look at this basic classbasic class and learn about the language.

Classes can be made secure and private or open to the general public as in the case of the Xinkan course.  Private courses are ideal for communities wanting to control who has access to their linguistic resources and information.  

If you are interested in collaborating with us in setting up a language classroom or would simply like to host an already existing Moodle classroom, please contact us.

Linguistics.  You may also be interested in the course "The properties of human langauge" on

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